Australian AFL Betting Sites

Since it first took to the field in 1859, Australian Rules Football has become a hugely popular sport with legions of fans coming together each weekend to back their favourite teams. The professional governing body and event organiser for the sport is the Australian Football League (AFL) and, although it is not wholly accurate, the name AFL has become synonymous with the sport itself.

Meanwhile, AFL betting has become an immensely popular pastime in its own right. Whereas, in the past, most punters never ventured beyond a fun friendly wager amongst their mates, the advent of internet sports betting has taken AFL bets to a whole new level. It has never been easier to back your favourite team or get behind the underdog as it is now. And thanks to mobile devices, you never have to miss out on getting your wagers in, either. Betting on the AFL can be very rewarding too, and it’s a favourite pastime of many an Aussie punter.

Listed here are the leading Australian betting sites that offer AFL betting that is safe, simple, easy, lucrative, and a whole lot of fun! We’ve done our homework so that you can enjoy the ultimate in AFL betting, and always get the best odds, the biggest bonuses and the most generous free bets around.

Best AFL Betting Odds

TOP afl betting SITESJune 2024
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3 IE allowed4.8/5Login to see promotions Bet now

The Internet is the ideal space for AFL betting because it allows punters, many of whom have never betted on any other sport, to make wagers from their PCs or mobile devices.

Bettors can make AFL betting as easy as challenging as they like for themselves, depending on the AFL betting odds, types of AFL bets and teams they choose. So the practised punter will never be bored either.

Unlike other forms of gambling, sports’ betting tends to have a certain element of predictability. With AFL betting, punters can consider statistics, ladder standings, AFL betting odds, player injuries, sports reports, and other such information to venture a highly educated guess instead of simply picking a team at random.

AFL Bets Online Australia

This means that, even if you have never placed AFL bets in your life but are an avid follower of Australian Rules Football, you already have a significant edge on many other punters based purely on your extensive knowledge of the game.

The trap that many Australian footy fans often fall into, however, is to bet with their hearts instead of their heads – backing their favourite teams instead of the favourites to win. This is where AFL betting buffs who are less football crazy may have an advantage as their judgement isn’t as likely to be clouded by emotion and they may do well with political betting.

To make things more interesting, with AFL as with any other sport, it is quite possible and relatively common for underdog teams to snap up a surprise victory. The even greater winnings that this entails for punters who chose not to push the favourite is yet another major appeal of AFL betting.

AFL Betting Odds Australia

The AFL league is virtually continuous throughout the year and the number of participating teams is so large that bracket AFL bets are taken. What this means is that AFL betting is a year-round pursuit that offers countless possibilities.

Beginner bettors who’d like to ease themselves in gently can opt for basic win/loss AFL bets for single games, whilst experienced punters in search of larger payouts and more excitement can bet on multiple matches, final tournament standings, individual player achievements, and more. AFL betting even takes dream team bets for fantasy AFL!

Each AFL game will have different AFL betting odds for each team to win, and the points spread must be always considered with AFL footy betting because it must generally be surpassed in order for winning punters to receive their full payout.

Top Tips for AFL Betting

If you want the edge when betting on the AFL remember these top tips:

  • Budget accordingly and make sure that you don’t chase losses or wager more than you can afford to lose.
  • Do your homework! Get to know what’s going on in the AFL, how players are performing and what teams are hot, and which are not. If you are already a fan of the sport, the chances are you’ll know most of this already.
  • Look for the best odds. The sites that we recommend always feature highly competitive odds, so check them out and see where you want to wager to get the best deal.
  • Know your betting types. If you know what type of bet entails a specific result, you can wager with confidence. Get to grips with the different AFL bets and what they mean, and you’ll reap the rewards.
  • Check stats. Know which teams plays best at home, or if another team has an advantage in any way. Find out everything you can about injuries and any other news that may change the way you bet.

Always remember that betting on the AFL is not an exact science, but the better prepared you are ad the more knowledge you’ve acquired, the higher your chances are of placing winning bets.

If you’re ready to make your first AFL bets, simply choose a site from our list, register for an account, confirm your age and make a deposit. Come this weekend, you could be winning right along with your favourite team!