Financial Betting Sites in Australia

These days, stock trading is practiced by millions of ordinary people across Australia and worldwide looking for a little adventure and a lot of returns. However, few people have considered another exciting way of playing the stock markets – financial betting.

Many leading Australian online bookmakers now offer financial betting – a thrilling alternative or supplement to trading that eliminates the expense of the stock itself and the fees that owning it entails.

More and more people are seeking their stock exchange thrill by predicting the growth or decline of a stock or stocks. In fact, it is considered so lucrative that some Australian and global trading companies practice financial betting themselves!

We present the fore running Australian financial betting sites that offer premier online financial betting with variety of financial betting options, the best odds, maximum deposit security, convenience and more.

Best Financial Betting Odds

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Financial betting, instead of being administered solely by financial betting sites, it is often offered by specialized brokers or even government oversight regulators.

Predicting a stock’s future performance, whether it will go up or down and occasionally by how much, is the name of the financial betting game. It sometimes resembles sports betting in that there is a “points” spread that punters’ forecasts must reach or exceed in order for them to be paid out.

Most financial betting is also binary in nature – meaning that punters are either paid out in full or not at all. There are, as they say, no points for second place.

Essentially, financial betting entails picking a stock (whether Australian or international), predicting an outcome, placing a bet, and then waiting to see where the chips fall.

Where to Find Financial Bets

As mentioned, more and more top Australian online sportsbooks are offering financial betting alongside opportunities to weigh in on sporting events. And this number is set to keep growing in the coming years, with the odds and options available to potential punters opening up exponentially.

There are even a few financial betting sites that specialise in financial betting.

Financial Betting Options

Whether you are new to betting or a practiced punter, a trading try-out or a stock aficionado, the top Australian online bookmakers have financial betting to suit your needs. Once you have chosen a stock, you need to consider some important variables before you place your financial bets.

How far into the future do you want to go? You can choose to place either short- or long-term financial bets with varying financial betting odds, even on the same stock.

Do you want fixed or floating odds? Fixed financial bets offer set financial betting odds in advance of the strike time. Floating financial bets, on the other hand, offer financial betting odds that will fluctuate based on the number of people placing the same bet – sometimes this will work in your favour, other times not. Depending on the stability of your chosen stock, you may sometimes not be able to choose, since only one or the other will be available.

Your chosen bookmaker will provide the financial betting odds and usually require that your bet exceed a certain increase or reduction in order for you to be paid out.

The Advantage of Financial Betting Online

Financial betting is nowhere near as risky as stock trading. Whereas, with a typical stock forecast, if your prediction is incorrect, you could end up owing more than you initially invested. This will never happen with financial betting, where you can never lose more than the amount of your original wager.

Go on! Try financial betting with our prime Australian online bookmakers and you could be raking in major dollars before the quarter is out!