Harness Racing Betting in Australia

Horse racing is one of the oldest types of professional sport in the world, and gained incredible popularity in Britain during Victorian times. This popularity carried over to the colonies around the world that Britain established, and today many of these countries have gone on to host events that outshine even those of Britain. Australia stands out among the rest as one of the best countries in the world for horse racing, and punters will find that just about every type of horse racing available can be found in Australia.

One type in particular that has recently been gaining steam is harness racing betting. Harness racing in Australia is like nothing else in the world, and makes for a unique and fascinating opportunity for online betting, and there are few other places better than Australia to find the best harness racing bets.

Best Harness Racing Betting Odds

TOP Harness Racing SITESFebruary 2023
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4 IE allowed4.7/5Login to see promotions Bet now

While similar in most ways to normal horse racing, harness racing requires that the horses taking place in the race need to remain at a certain gait, and that they pull a small, two-wheel cart behind them. The sport has gained large prominence in the last decade with the widespread growth of the Internet, as punters now have access to more different types of sports than ever before.

This has created a new and exciting harness racing betting industry that is growing at an astounding rate, and will soon match even the more popular types of horse racing.

Harness Racing Bets

Like with any type of horse racing, punters will find that there are a large number of harness racing bets to choose from, and it’s just a matter of choosing what suits you best. Some of the most popular harness racing bets available include the following:

  • Straight Win/Win. This is the most common bet Australian punters will come across, and is simply taking out a wager on a horse that it will win a race outright. Wins have the lowest harness racing odds on the market.
  • Place. A place bet requires slightly more intuition than a straight win, and is aimed at punters with a little more experience. Here, the punter bets on the place that the horse will finish at the end of the race, and payouts occur if the guess is correct.
  • Eachway. Eachway bets are a combination of win and place bets, and make for an exciting harness racing betting experience. Punters receive payouts for both the place and win if their chosen horse wins the race completely. If the horse comes in second or third, payouts only come from the place bet.

Harness Racing Betting Tips

Nothing teaches quite as well as experience, but there are some tips and tricks you can learn that can help you stand a better chance at harness racing betting. For starters, maintaining a budget is vital. The better you manage your money, the more money overall you will have to spend on harness racing bets. Doing extensive research is also key. Learning about the sport, how the bets work, as well as the horses and jockeys can vastly improve your chances of winning.

Where To Find Harness Racing

This is the easiest part. Simply browse through our comprehensive lists of some of the best harness racing betting on the market, including sites, sportsbooks, information, and harness racing odds to help you make an informed decision. Look no further for everything you need to know about harness racing in Australia.