2022 FIFA World Cup Bets

the World Cup held in Brazil in 2014 proved to be a huge success both for FIFA, the country, and all the fans involved, and shows that many countries are ready to host the biggest sporting event in the world. Russia is the host for the upcoming 2018 World Cup, and many have high hopes that it will be just as successful as previous endeavours. Russia has been hard at work over the last four years, building and developing all the accommodation and facilities necessary to host an event as large as the World Cup.

Millions of fans around the world have been waiting in anticipation, teams have been practising and playing hard, and bettors around the globe have been getting ready for what FIFA World Cup betting has in store for them. Bookmakers have been collecting information and date from previous World Cups to start building up both a betting range as well as the betting odds that punters can expect in the coming year, and now that these are available, it’s the perfect time to start getting involved in everything that FIFA World Cup betting has to offer.

Top FIFA World Cup Betting Odds

TOP SITESApril 2024
1 IE allowed5/5100% Match up to $250 Bet now
2 IE allowed4.9/5100% Match Bonus Bet now
3 IE allowed4.8/5Login to see promotions Bet now

Like the bets themselves, the odds are a vitally important part of the Football World Cup betting process, and Australian punters will want to try and take it all in as soon as possible so they can be prepared once the games have officially started. This starts with knowing some of the favourite teams playing, and what kind of odds bookmakers have laid out for those teams.

Germany: A football World Cup betting favourite thanks to their previous 4 victories, Germany currently stands with odds of 11/2, meaning the odds are low, but not as low as some other countries that are taking part.

Brazil: The reigning champion, Brazil remains as a soccer World Cup betting go-to choice for many punters, mainly due to their consistency of wins, which has grown to 5 title wins over recent years. Brazilian odds stand at 13/2.

France: The French have always had their place on the soccer field, and football World Cup betting wouldn’t be the same without them. Having said this, bookies have placed France as the lowest in terms of betting odds at 5/1. Despite this, there’s no doubt that they will still be a fan favourite.

Croatia: On the other end of the scale we have countries that have never done too well in the games, which also means that they carry extremely high FIFA World Cup betting odds. Croatia is one of the best examples, with odds at 50/1.

FIFA World Cup Betting Types Available

The odds can only go as far as the bets that are available. All of the above mentioned odds are tied in with the most common type of met: the outright match bet. This is what most punters will flock to, and involves simply betting on the team that will win a given game.

Other bets available are the single, double, treble, first goal, total goal, accumulator, and many others, and bookmakers have made sure to keep them on offer in Australia for punters to read through.

Get Started

Now is the time for punters to get started by choosing the countries and the types of bets they want. Using odds and sportsbooks, the coming year’s games will be some of the most exciting to date for bettors around the world.