Australia’s Best Horse Races

Horse racing has been a part of the modern world for 200 years, and is one of the most enjoyed pastimes for millions all over the world. Few other sports can be compared, and while certain sports like football or baseball might have larger fan populations, horse racing enthusiasts are growing in numbers by the day. Countries like Australia are among those that enjoy horse racing the very most, and it shows in the number of events that take place across the country every year. Not small events by any standards either – these are entire carnivals that feature the races, family activities, food and drink, and much more.

Each one of these events often has a dedicated event venue, and some are so popular that the venues have become legendary. These are where the best races in history have taken place, and where people from all over the world visit every year to watch their favourite horses and jockeys compete against each other. Of the biggest horse racing events around the world, some tend to be more popular than others, and some even draw in hundreds of thousands of fans into one venue, making them truly a sight to behold.

Alongside the events themselves, there is also a well-loved punting industry, where punters can expect to find some of the biggest horse racing bets on offer. Bets vary from event to event, but they are all worth looking in to if you are interested in horse race punting.

Best Horse Racing Bookies

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The Melbourne Cup

This is the big daddy of all the horse racing events held in Australia, and often has the largest turnout in regard to fans. Held every year in Melbourne on the first Tuesday of November, the Melbourne Cup is a legend in the horse racing world, and more often than not will appear in any top 10 horse races list you will come across.

The race itself is 3200 metres long, and is held at the Flemington Racecourse. Thoroughbreds vie for the richest “two mile” handicap in the world and the prestige that comes with the title. Winners of the cup can expect – along with the title – prize money of up to $6.2 million. The first ten racers past the finish line get a portion of the prize money, with the overall winner receiving $3.6 million.

The Caulfield Cup

Second only to the Melbourne Cup in terms of the biggest horse racing events in Australia, the Caulfield Cup is a Group 1 Thoroughbred race that is held under handicap conditions. The race was first started in 1879, making it one of the oldest in Australia, and has been held at the same track for over 100 years: The Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne. The event takes place every year in mid October.

Like the Melbourne Cup, this event is part of any fan’s top 10 horse races of the year, and each year thousands of fans visit the racecourse to see their horses in action. The total prize pool for the Caulfield Cup comes in at $3 million, which is given to whoever wins over the 2400 metre course.

Other Big Horse Races

These are just two of the biggest horse racing events, but there are many more available to enjoy, and each one is perfect if you are looking for some of the biggest horse racing bets. These include The Geelong Cup, the Breeders’ Cup, the Cox Plate, the Kentucky Derby, and many more – each a must-see for any enthusiast.