Australian Open Tennis Betting Sites

The Australian Open Grand Slam is made up of multiple individual tournaments, and you can enjoy a wide array of Aussie Open Tennis Bets on competitions that include single events for men and women and the Masters doubles contests for veteran players that are over 40-years of age. The bookmakers we provide access to here will be able to give you the most competitive Australian Open Odds as well.

When it comes to Australian Open Tennis Betting, one of the most popular wagers remains the Match bet. Sports fans in general enjoy wagering on the outcome of individual contests, and even the most seasoned sports bettor will still make sure they make use of these Aussie Open Tennis Bets whenever possible.

Top Australian Open Betting Bonuses

TOP Australian Open Tennis SITESSeptember 2022
1 IE allowed5/5100% Match up to $250 Bet now
2 IE allowed4.9/5100% Match Bonus Bet now
3 IE allowed4.8/5Login to view promotions Bet now

When you want to wager on one of the favourites in a match taking place in the early rounds of the Australian open but the bets have no value, handicap Aussie Open Tennis Bets are your solution. It allows you to easily back one of the favourites and get good value anyway.

Better Betting at the Open for Punters New and Old

We have a number of Australian Open betting tips for you to take advantage of, and making use of these will ensure you see a good return on the wagers you make going forward.

  1. Review Players’ Past Records

When it comes to winning the Aussie Open Tennis Bets you make, one of the top tips is that, although every so often an exciting newcomer will catch a hot streak out of the blue, generally the winners and the losers at Melbourne are stars who are well-established, and ranked in the top four players.

  1. Check how Players’ Games are Going

Although the season officially comes to an end in November, many players will keep competing in very profitable exhibition tournaments worldwide. Keeping your eye on these events can be used as a strong indication of which of your  Australian Open Tennis Betting ideas will be able to net you the biggest returns.

  1. Review the Head-to-Head Matchups

When you are reviewing the Australian Open Odds provided at the sites we rate and recommend here, remember to check the head-to-head records of the players or doubles teams that you are interested in. you can do this by logging into the WTA or ATP website, entering the name of the player or teams, and scrolling to the head-to-head options and adding the opponent’s information.

Making use of these Australian Open betting tips, and sticking to the Australian betting sites that you will find ratings and reviews for right here, will see you enjoying your betting activities that much more, and putting more money in the bank when the winner is finally revealed as well! There is no decision like an informed decision, and if you make sure you know what you are doing it is hard to fail! Start winning right here, today, with terrific tennis bets for the Australian Open.