Australian NFL Betting Sites

When it comes to sports and online sports betting, Australians are amongst the most avid supporters on earth. And their passion extends beyond local boundaries to international sports.

Naturally, the global sporting phenomenon that is the US’s National Football League (NFL) has become almost as popular with Australian sports fans and betting buffs as it is with those in its native country.

With NFL betting online, millions of Australians can now punt on the pigskin at home or on the move via mobile devices! Presented here are Australia’s foremost NFL betting sites, which offer exceptional NFL betting with numerous betting options, top-notch deposit security, big wins, and loads of excitement.

Originally formed as the American Professional Football Association in 1920, the NFL is the highest professional level of American (also known as gridiron) football in the world. So much so that the name of the league has become synonymous with the sport itself, with the highest average per-game spectator attendance of any sport worldwide.

Best NFL Betting Odds

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NFL betting begins when the season starts in early September. Between then and February, the 32 participating teams (comprised of two separate conferences) from all over the US are whittled down to just two contenders for the Championship. The ultimate result is decided when these two teams lock horns at the Super Bowl games, one of the largest club sporting events in the world.

Unlike other forms of gambling, NFL betting involves as much careful strategizing as the coaches’ playbooks. Punters are able to make highly educated wagers based on myriad influential variables and facts freely available to them ahead of NFL AFC Championship games.

Strategic NFL Betting

Some of the information crucial to NFL betting decisions includes player and team form, injuries, suspensions, trades and drafts, the impact of travelling, home and away win/loss stats, historical performances, and more. Bettors must diligently track the league as it progresses and monitor expert analyses if they are to place winning Super Bowl bets.

In addition to this, the salary cap imposed on NFL teams levels the playing field so that team performance is contingent on strategic drafting, well-coordinated plays, and inspired coaching rather than simply the means to buy up all of the star players in the league.

NFL betting sites offer a broad field of wagering options to suit the tastes of novice punters and experienced bettors alike. Head-to-head bets are the simplest variety and involve picking a team to win a single game. Line betting is more complicated and involves taking a points handicap or head start into account so that your chosen team must win by a certain number of points in order for you to be paid out.

A particularly exciting NFL betting option is futures betting, which, as its name suggests, requires you to predict winners and points spreads before the season even starts or well in advance of championship games.

Start NFL Betting Now

You must weigh your choice of Australian online NFL betting sites as carefully as you do your betting decisions. These NFL betting sites offer a vast array of futures and match wagering markets for each game including the playoffs and NFL AFC Championship games, affording bettors the best online odds around. They present all of the aforementioned betting options as well as attractive bonuses and other promotional rewards.

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