MMA Betting Strategies for Aussies

MMA betting odds always favour the obscure fighter, who has potential in terms of style to counterbalance what has already been seen –MMA betting sites will undoubtedly offer better returns on a player who may be able to find a winning response to Ronda Rousey’s explosive grappling, for example.

Good MMA betting can very easily depend on your correctly being able to spot the underdog that stands the chance of picking apart a favourite, and this has been proven in fights like the Weidman vs. Silva bout. Many people, including more than a handful of bookmakers, fully expected that Silva would be able to continue his winning streak, but Weidman’s wrestling skills put paid to that with a second-round knockout in July of 2013.

Method of Victory is one of the largest MMA betting markets, and it allows you to place a bet on how you think the match will end up being decided. Some bookmakers even offer a double chance market for this wager, which will allow you to hedge your bets by choosing, for example, Decision/Submission instead of just one of these two outcomes. MMA betting odds will naturally drop with this kind of hedging, but at the same time your chance of winning is increased, and is most certainly larger than were you to opt for a single outcome only.

Best UFC MMA Betting Sites

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Total Rounds MMA Market at Australian Bookmakers

When the matchups are more evenly set, or the fighters have not yet established their quality, savvy Australian punters may want to consider the Total Rounds MMA betting market. This offers an over/under wager on how far on the fight will run, and offers MMA betting odds that will generally be even. There are also occasionally Round Betting groups available, and these allow for some leeway for those who predict and early-ish/late-ish win, and place sports bets on whether or night a fight will go on to a decision. This bet is very valuable if you predict a cautious, hard-fought bout.

The Match Length MMA Betting Market

Some MMA betting sites will provide you with the chance to lay a wager on how long the fight will go on for: most 3-round fights make an Over 2.5 Rounds market available, so you will be able to lay a wager on whether the match will go on beyond this, or whether a win will be decided earlier on. This MMA betting type is a great idea for match-ups which are really close and more than likely to last a little longer, as well as encounters that lean only slightly more to one side, where betting Under 2.5 Rounds can have the MMA betting sites offering significant odds anyway.

Australian Punters Can Couple the Markets

Some online betting sites will allow Australian punters to Couple the Markets, which means that you will be able to bet on a particular fighter and the method by which they will win, and, sometimes, when they will seal the victory. These MMA betting odds are obviously longer, as it’s far more difficult to correctly call multiple markets simultaneously, but these can be very well-paying, enjoyable wagers that are guaranteed to make a match more interesting.