Betting on the 2023 Geelong Cup

The Geelong Cup is one of the most lucrative horse races in Australia, and Geelong cup betting has also become quite popular.

The Geelong Cup is a well-known and beloved Group 3 Thoroughbred horse race, held by the Geelong Racing Club in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. It is generally held under handicap conditions, covers a distance of 2400 metres, and takes place on a particular Wednesday in late October every year.

The cash prize of the Geelong Cup is relatively high, set at $300 000, but that is not the only reason the Geelong Cup is so highly acclaimed. Indeed, the Geelong Cup race is considered to be one of the most effective guides in predicting the results of the esteemed Melbourne Cup, which follows shortly after.

Top Geelong Cup Betting Sites

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The Geelong Cup was first held in 1872, and has since then been run over many distances, including the same distance as the Melbourne Cup of 3200 metres. The Geelong Cup race has been set to be held 13 days before the Melbourne Cup since 1947.

Geelong Cup Betting Tips

There has been some consensus of who the winners of a Geelong Cup race are likely to be, which will help bettors determine the Geelong Cup odds they are playing with.

In general, the race has been led by proven staying types, who are heading into the Melbourne Cup. Form over distance tends to be the winning sign, and betters are advised to always check on the form of the horses. That said, horses who have successfully competed in the Caulfield Cup, held a week before the Geelong Cup, are also good to bet on.

In order to get the best Geelong Cup tips, bettors are advised to study the Geelong Cup form guide. This guide has all the basic information required for successful Geelong Cup bets, such as information on the trainers and jockeys as well as lead-up runs and weight. Considering a well-weighed runner that has done well in the Caulfield Cup would give bettors a good start for the Geelong Cup race.

What Geelong Cup Bets Can Be Placed?

As in all horse races, bettors betting on the race will have two different types Geelong Cup bets available to choose from. These will be either straight bets or exotic bets. Novice bettors are advised to stick to straight bets, no matter what the Geelong Cup odds may be. This is because straight bets are much simpler and a lot cheaper, and all players need to do is to choose which horse they believe will come in first, second, or third.

They can, however, mix this up slightly, betting either on which horse they think will win, which position they think a horse will land in, or combining all of these into a combo straight bet.

Exotic bets allow sports bettors to make multiple bets on multiple horses in one single overall bet. These are significantly more difficult to win as so many of the Geelong Cup odds need to be fulfilled and require advanced skill and knowledge on behalf of the bettor. These bets are also considerably more expensive. That said, the payoff in exotic bets is also considerably higher than in straight bets.