Australian Tennis Betting Sites

One of the world’s favourite sports, tennis attracts more fans, players and punters year after year. Internationally acclaimed players ensure that the action on the court keeps spectators and viewers at the edge of their seats, and makes for heart-racing betting action among punters.

You can enjoy the action and thrill of Tennis betting at these sports betting websites recommended for Australian punters. Secure and user-friendly, these sites allow you to place real-money tennis bets on local and international matches and tournaments at your convenience.

These top sites are easily accessed via desktop computer, laptop, and various mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. They also accept a range of convenient banking methods, making account funding fast and easy.

Enjoy the freedom of placing different tennis bets on tournaments such as the Australian Open and Wimbledon without ever having to visit the local bookmaker.

Mobile Tennis Betting Sites Australia

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The best Tennis betting action happens during the international championships that just about bring parts of the world to a standstill for several weeks each year.

The most popular events among punters around the world are undoubtedly the Australian Open, held in January; the Fed Cup, held in February, the French Open, held in May and June; Wimbledon, held in June and July; and the US Open, held in August and September.

The skill, agility and speed showcased during these events makes for thrilling viewing, and punters, too, enjoy nail-biting suspense, as payouts are often massive.

Most Tennis betting punters pay close attention to the championships’ initial matches, assessing the players’ performances. This is all in preparation for the anticipated quarter finals, semi-finals, and finals, when the best tennis bets are well-informed bets.

These top websites offer an incredible array of betting options, which give you the chance to increase their chances of winning.

Variety of Tennis Betting Options

Punters have a wide variety of wagering options at these top Australian Tennis betting websites. The most commonly placed bet is when a punter places a tennis bets on the player they think will win the match.

These tennis bets are certainly exciting, and can bring great rewards, but many players chose to liven things up even more with set bets, outright bets, match bets, and lay bets. Set bets are placed on sets of winners and their scores in a match, and outright bets are placed on players punters think will enter the finals of a tournament.

Match bets are placed on the players punters think will win matches within a tournament, and lay bets are placed on the players punters think will lose a match. For real heart-racing action, you could place different tennis bets on the same match or tournament.

These Tennis betting websites also offer betting on the four categories of the game; singles, doubles, men, and women.

Place Tennis Bets across the Categories of the Game

In addition to a huge selection of matches, tournaments and championships, and different kinds of betting options, Australian punters are also able to place tennis bets across the traditional four categories of the game.

These great betting sites ensure punters who love tennis are able to bet on singles, doubles, men, and women. Each of these categories offers unique sporting action; singles being a match between two players, and doubles being a match between two teams of two players.

Singles and doubles are played by both men’s and women’s divisions.

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