Australian Greyhound Betting Sites

Greyhound racing is a sport that has captivated punters for decades, and it continues to draw fans from around the world. Punters from places as diverse as Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and China see to it that this exciting form of sports betting continues to offer huge rewards.

These top Greyhound racing betting sites for Australian punters offer a great variety of Greyhound betting options that can be used for a massive number of races and tournaments. They can be easily accessed via laptop and desktop computers, as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

The Greyhound betting sites also accept a range of banking options, allowing you to control almost every aspect of your betting on the races. Everything you need to enjoy the action of Greyhound racing betting sites is at your fingertips.

The ever-popular races usually feature six or eight dogs chasing a mechanical lure around the track. The first dog to cross the finish line is the winner.

Best Greyhound Betting Odds

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While the race itself might be simple and straightforward, the betting is a little more complex. Punters can bet on all sorts of things, and each bet brings the chance to win big.

The most basic Greyhound racing bet placed by the majority of casual punters is the Win Bet, which is placed on the dog the punter thinks will outrun the rest. When a punter bets on a dog to finish first or second, that bet is known as a Place Bet.

Show Bets are placed on dogs punters think will finish in the top three, and the Reversa or Quinella, also known as a Reverse Forecast, is when punters pick two dogs to win. The high-odds Exacta, or Straight Forecast Bet, is when punters bet on two dogs to place first and second.

Greyhound Racing Betting Sites Available

A Trifecta or Triple Forecast Bet is when punters bet on three dogs to place first, second, and third, while the Superfecta is a bet on four dogs to place first, second, third, and fourth.

These Greyhound betting sites also offer Win and Place Bets, also known as Each Way Bets. These are when punters place two bets on one dog. If the dog wins, the punter wins both bets; however, if the dog places second, the punter only receives the Place portion of the wager.

The term given to a punter’s placement of a combination of bets across multiple races is an Accumulator or Parlay. In this case, the winnings of a successful first bet are carried over to the following bet. This could result in some phenomenal payouts.

Greyhound Race Betting that Offers the Best Action

The sport is generally governed by local territorial associations. In Australia, the Australian Greyhound Racing Association, or AGRA, oversees it. Races around the world tend to follow the same format, making international racing betting all the more easy for punters who’d rather enjoy Greyhound racing betting sites online than at the local bookmaker.

The best Greyhound betting sites action occurs during the big international events, although smaller daily races can be just as thrilling. The events that attract the most punters include the US Greyhound Night of Stars, the English Derby, and the Irish Derby.

Bet on Greyhounds Today

Enjoy the action and excitement of online betting on Greyhound racing today. All you need to do is open a punter account for free, fund it using a secure banking method, and then decide which bets you’d like to place on what races.

Start betting on the dogs today, and you could be a winner.