Aussie Handicap Sports Betting

If you’ve ever browsed through the various Australian betting markets that are available, there’s a good chance that you will have come across the term of handicap. Handicap betting has been a part of the sports betting scene for decades, and makes up a large chunk of the industry. But what exactly is handicap betting, and how can you make use of it in Australian sports betting?

Sports betting handicaps are, in their simplest terms, are bets that are affected by the odds in some way or another. How the odds themselves are affected depends on the bookmaker, and in order to understand sports betting handicaps, you first need to learn how to interpret the sports handicap odds and how exactly they can fundamentally alter the workings of a bet.

Best Handicap Betting Odds in Australia

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Whenever a big sporting event takes place, there will almost always be a team that is the favourite among punters, and another team that is seen as the underdog. This can hugely affect the odds for that event. To compensate for this, and to make the playing field more even, a bookmaker may artificiality change the sports handicap odds to a more even set of numbers, giving one team either an advantage or a disadvantage, and this is essentially sports betting handicaps explained.

These sports betting handicaps are in place to stop the odds from completely sliding in one direction and making the favourite team have extremely low odds, or the underdog have extremely high odds, making sure that everything remains even.

Handicap Match Betting

Sports betting handicaps are put in place to make sure that the event is more exciting, as it takes away the one-sided nature of an event, allowing everyone a more equal chance of winning good money. The sports handicap odds can even be extended further to a completely even number, meaning that both teams go on to the field with the same odds. This may seem like a drawback to some, but it gives punters from both sides an even playing field, and doesn’t force everyone to bet on only one team.

League Betting

This is one of the most popular forms of sports betting handicaps, and essential part of sports betting handicaps. In this type of bet, the punter wagers on the performance of the team during the entire course of a season as opposed to simply betting on one game.

The appeal of this type of sports betting handicaps is generally among the more seasoned punters in the sports betting world, due to the more complicated nature of the bet. It requires research and patience, and the punter needs to know the entire situation, including full details of the sports handicap odds. The punter first starts by taking out a wager at the beginning of the season, choosing their team, often by the odds that are associated by that team, and the research that they’ve done on the past performance of the players. From there, the punter needs to keep track of the events the team plays in, and if their performance matches the criteria of the bet, the punter wins.

Give Handicap Betting a Go

Handicap betting is among the most popular in the industry, and using this guide on sports betting handicaps betting, you can start betting on your favourite Australian sports in no time.