What Sports are Best to Bet On?

Since the dawn of modern civilisation some 200 years ago, sports have become an integral part of society. Some sports are thousands of years old while others are more recent. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that sports are extremely important to people from all over the world. Along with the sports themselves, an entirely new industry has grown, in the form of sports betting. Sports betting has gained a larger audience with every passing year, and has become incredibly popular in countries like Australia.

With the growth of sports betting, there are new punters every day, and every new one has quite a bit to learn before they can actually start betting. Another choice to make is the type of sport that they want to wager money on, and this in itself can be daunting for newcomers. To help with this choice, these are the most popular betting sports in Australia, and the easiest to start with in terms of finding reliable bookmakers and good odds.

Find the Best Sports to Bet On Here

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Soccer/ Football Bets

The king of the sports betting hill is soccer, a game that is enjoyed by billions of fans across the globe. Soccer has seen tremendous success over the years, and today we have international soccer events that are held in different countries. Thanks to the Internet, and the availability of betting choices offered by online bookmakers, it’s easier than ever to keep up with soccer events while betting on your favourite team or player.

Betting on soccer is simple and quick, and the perfect sport to start your punting career. All it takes is finding out about the different types of soccer bets offered online, and what kind of odds each bet has.

Boxing Bets

While not as big as soccer, boxing has solidified itself in the industry as a go-to for many punters due to the thrill and unpredictability of the sport. Boxing first gained notoriety in the United States, and quickly sprang up in other countries. Today, there are boxing scenes in most western nations, making it a good sport to take out a wager on.

Cricket Bets

Cricket was originally a British sport, and one that gained popularity in the many countries that the British colonised in the 1800s. Fast-forward to today, and cricket is now among the most sports with the biggest groups of fans, and its betting scene is just as large. Australia is known for its love of cricket, meaning there are a lot of bookmakers online that cater to those from the country that have an interest in betting on cricket.

Formula 1 Bets

Formula 1 is different to the other sports on the list due to the fact that involves machines instead of only men. The speed and ferocity of Formula 1 also means that it’s a thrilling sport to follow and bet on, and the sport has a massive betting industry attached to it.

Other Notable Mentions

While the sports mentioned above are among the most bet on sports in the world, there are plenty more to choose from if theses are not up your alley. Basketball, tennis, golf, American football, and horse racing are some that have solid betting scenes.

Whatever the sport you decide to start punting on, you can be assured that there is a decent following for each, as well as a wide choice of betting on offer.