AFL Grand Final Bets

In 2014 around 2.8 million people in Australia switched on their TV’s to watch the AFL Grand Final, which made it the most watched event in Australia.  The AFL Grand Final will be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground which has the capacity to hold about 110 000 spectators.  The AFL Premiership Final is the culmination of rounds of AFL games where the players have put in hours of hard work and dedication. The season sees a large increase in AFL betting and there is a large amount of money being seen both before and during the season.

For Australian bettors the AFL Premiership Final is the main sporting event of the year and is also a great betting opportunity with many markets available at the top online sites we recommend.

For Australian bettors choosing between two teams is often difficult and so some sports betting sites have what is known as double wagering.  Here bettors can place a bet on the outcome of two teams as one bet.  This type of bet will only be paid out if the complete bet is successful.  The odds of each outcome are multiplied and one overall price is set which creates higher returns much like odds in online election bets.  Some examples of double wagers include a points or line total, first score or head to head, half time or full time and all of these double bets can be placed as a single bet.

Best AFL Grand Final Betting Odds

TOP AFL Grand Final SITESJuly 2024
1 IE allowed5/5100% Match up to $250 Bet now
2 IE allowed4.9/5100% Match Bonus Bet now
3 IE allowed4.8/5Login to see promotions Bet now

AFL Grand Final head to head betting is an easy wager, which team will win a match or the AFL Grand Final in Melbourne.  The favourite to win will always be shown at less odds and some bookies will have the teams paying equal odds if the teams are thought to be on an even footing.  There are of course always risks when prices are set early and the expert views may differ from the public.  What often happens is that the favourites become the underdog and visa versa.  Head to head bets can also be placed on which team will be winning at quarter, half and three quarter time.

Betting on the AFL

Margin betting covers the range of the winning margin of a team and which side it will fall within at Australian betting sites.  There are usually many choices here and different prices on offer.  The odds will increase the more specific the bettor becomes.  Australian bettors will be given specific margins by the bookies or they can bet on a particular team to win by a specific margin, for example a two point spread or by an exact amount of points.

Australian bettors are also able to place bets on particular players and this is always a fun option when betting on certain aspects of the AFL Premiership Final.  Predicting which player will score the most goals, who will score the first goal or the last goal or a player to score at any time during a match or the AFL Grand Final.  Which player will possess the ball at the 4 stages of a game is another player option.  Bookies will post the list of players and their odds.

A poll was taken by a popular news site asking AFL fans to predict certain aspects of the AFL.  They predicted that the Sydney Giants would take the AFL Premiership Final by a landslide.  The team with the biggest improvement would be St Kilda and the worst slider would be North Melbourne.

These polls can sometimes be helpful, but ultimately Australian bettors should do their own research to allow for a successful outcome.