Blues Reap Befitting Game 3 Reward

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Camp Queensland Maroons Does It Again

It’s done.  With a great deal of help from NSW’s directionless defense, Billy Slater’s Queensland Maroons have done what we all knew they would do: beat rudderless NSW Blues yet again in the 2017 State of Origins series decider.

The words of Tim Griffiths resonated with what every NSW fan was feeling around half-time, that it wasn’t the despair that got the better of you; it was hope that would eventually end up killing you instead.

NSW Blues will no doubt forever lament over that fateful 2nd game 3 weeks ago – when Hayne’s failure to pass the ball to a wide-open Brett Morris caused a ripple-effect that worked its way all the way through and ended – smack bang – in Wednesday’s defeat.

The Hope That Kills

Dugan made for a shimmer of hope right at the beginning of the second half – leaping majestically over a barrier named Holmes and finishing strong with a deftly fingertip-balanced try under the posts.  Maloney sweetened the deal by neatly converting the 4 into a 6.

The jig was soon up though when Holmes got up to his old tricks and managed to claim a getaway ball from behind, dragging it along with him whilst tearing towards a third try for Queensland like a squeal amid silence.

Munster proved instrumental in sticking the final death blow to the Blues by lobbing an inside pass to Wallace, who in turn had no trouble at all gunning the rest of all of 3m to the post and making the score, with not a Blue in sight.

Beating The Odds

The Maroons well and truly beat a number of prominent odds in order to win the 2017 State of Origin series decider by a hammering 22-6.  Plagued by injuries before and during the series, there were intense moments of serious concern among the mighty men on team Queensland.

Key player Billy Slater suffering an ankle injury a mere two days before the final lock-down had a skyrocketing effect on already tattered nerves.

Yet, it all came together on Wednesday when Cameron Smith delivered his emotional victory speech – and as the pilot of a team that is ever mindful of its true hero’s – paid due homage to Queensland legend Jonathan Thurston who played his last for the Maroons during the 2017 State of Origin season.

Cameron invited Thurston to join him in lifting the Origin shield – and together they celebrated a well-deserved victory.

To the Queensland Maroons: congratulations on a job well done.  To the Blues: Better luck next year (and remember to keep an eye out for Munster).

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